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Offical Statement Of Congratulations to the Indian Supreme Court

The Indian Supreme Court has concluded its judgement regarding the constitutionality of part of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code that criminalized same-sex sexual relations. In its ruling on September 5th, the Court decriminalized sexual relations between consenting adults in India, stating that criminalization was irrational, indefensible and manifestly arbitrary.

The Brazilian National LGBTI+ Alliance hereby public states nationally and internationally its congratulations to the Indian Supreme Court, government, LGBTI+ social movement and all the institutions, companies and people who fought for and supported this huge move forward in one of the world´s largest countries.

The ruling represents a victory for the Indian people and for all those who fight for equal rights for LGBTI+ people in their countries and worldwide. It will also serve as an example for the other 70+ countries that still penalize homosexuality. The majority of these countries inherited the criminalization of homosexuality via British legislation when they were still part of the British empire in centuries gone by. In the United Kingdom, where the legislation in question originated, this Law was repealed 51 years ago, in 1967.

Sepember 6th 2018

Toni Reis

About the Brazilian National LGBTI+ Alliance – The National LGBTI+ Alliance is a cross-party, non-profit civil society organization with branches in all 27 Brazilian Federative Units. It works to promote and defend the human rights and citizenship of the LGBTI+ community in the Brazilian states and municipalities through partnerships with individuals and legal entities. It dialogues and builds joint actions with researchers, activists, political party leaders, government managers, networks, governmental organizations, communicators, entrepreneurs and other people committed to promoting LGBTI+ rights and citizenship. Further information at: 

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